Specialising in living education, We bring your chance to experience the wonder of the animal kingdom. With our hugely diverse animal groups we provide an experience that is hands on, interactive and educational. With the animals we bring and the knowledge we provide, this is your chance to make a once in a lifetime opportunity a regular visit.

Our workshops can be tailored to your requirements or we can provide a rich and varied cross section of the animal world. We can provide animals including : Meerkats, Parma Wallabys, Skunks, Raccoons, Raccoon Dogs, Pygmy Hedgehogs, Snakes, Lizards, Spiders, Scorpions, Preying Mantis, Vinegaroons, Millipedes, Centipedes, Frogs, Turtles, Tortoises, Spectacled Caiman, African Eagle Owl and many others.

Full risk assessments are available, we have PLI at £5m, fully CRB checked and fully qualified herpetologists. Reptile Life are experts for all our local vets and councils, we are also experts for the RSPCA and the Lincolnshire Police.


KS1 Age 5-7, KS2 Age 7-11, KS3 Age 11-13, KS4 Age 14-16, KS5 Age 16-18


Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Derbyshire, East Yorkshire, Greater London, Hampshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, North Yorkshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Rutland, South Yorkshire, Staffordshire, West Yorkshire

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