Amazing Greek Workshop for Ks1 & Ks2

The experienced facilitator will arrive at your school with a pop-up Greek theatre. 

During the course of the workshop the story of Pandora's box is performed, they also get to meet a strange Greek fortune-teller & are told the rules of the Olympic Games by Acanthus the Spartan.

Using drama and role-play the children will be encouraged to interact with the performer, and recreate some of the scenes.

· This fully interactive workshop helps pupils to get an understanding of living in the past. It encourages Creative Writing  &you are supplied with a free Teacher's Resource pack.    

We also have available:

The Stone Age, The Romans, The Egyptians, The Saxons & Vikings, The Victorians and  WWI Nurse. An experienced practitioner will vist your school with these fully interactive drama based history workshops. Watch your pupils re-build Stonehenge, buy and sell in a Roman Slave Market, kiss the toe of Tutankhamun or endure a Victorian lesson.

Which one will you choose?  Every pupil will get a chance to participate.

Each subject is fully supported with a FREE downloadable resource pack.

BOOK NOW available all year round. 



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