Chop or Stamp
Chinese calligraphy and paintings are being signed by a red stamp or ‘chop’ depicting the artist’s name. We will design our own Chinese character stamp to seal today’s work.

Paper was invented by Cai Lun in 105 AD, which was one of the four great inventions by the Chinese. Traditional Chinese books are also recognizable by the way in which they are bound.
We will create handmade books, using traditional Chinese techniques. We will decorate the paper for the book cover with handmade stamps and Chinese calligraphy. The book gets a nice finish with a long red cord and a big bead attached to it, which we will also decorate in Chinese style.

Chinese Calligraphy
The children will be able to try out writing Chinese on handmade paper, using Chinese brushes and ink. There will be information sheets with examples of Chinese good luck phrases.

Goldfish kites

Using wet strength tissue paper. These reference the kites flown in Asia at festivals and ceremonies. In China the goldfish is a symbol of good luck and abundance.

Embossed foil plate decorations – Cutting into a foil plate then using a blunt pencil to inscribe a design based upon Chinese symbols, snakes and other relevant designs. Red ribbons can be added to create hanging decorations.

Dance workshops
Using the platform of Chinese New Year the children will have a fun and creative journey through the traditions and facts of the topic to create their very own party in celebration of the event. An exciting fusion of visual art and dance allows the children to immerse themselves in the colours and sounds of the celebrations.
The workshop will give participants the opportunity to create props inspired by Chinese New Year, using imagery and colours that explore the subject. Following the craft session, children will then be guided through a short dance routine in which they can use their props and hold their very own Chinese New Year party!

Story telling
Introduction to oral storytelling with particular reference to ancient China.
Stories could include:Confucius, the great Chinese philosopher,The Lightning Ride, The Fairy Wife ,The Nung-Guama . Or consider exploring traditional stories of China in contrast  from our own fairytales and how the similarities can be entwined.

Storytelling, singing and puppet making -Early Years
Traditional and modern stories involving snakes and using puppets and other props. The storytelling is very interactive and encourages children to participate through sounds, actions and ideas to help resolve character’s adventures and problems.
In response to the stories, children create own snake puppet .We will finish with a lively Chinese New Year procession accompanied by percussion and singing.

Tai Chi the grandfather of martial arts is performed with slow graceful movements developing coordination, balance, flexibility and strength.
Tai Chi is practiced by school children daily in groups to improve relationships, learning, group interaction working to create a diverse and inclusive learning atmosphere in a fun way.



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