I have visited over 1,600 schools since 1999 and deliver an entertaining, interactive and curriculum-relevant series of workshops based around stories and story writing.

The stories are linked to the current topics being studied and my visit leads to follow on work by the pupils after I have gone. As well as telling traditional tales I use several original songs on guitar and banjo to illustrate what a story consists of and how pupils need to fulfil the readers' needs. In essence, when I am working with the students, I am demonstrating to teaching professionals how to lead a creative writing workshop to produce a linear and sensibly concluded story. 

"He brings everything that the children need to encourage them to write. With a few simple, everyday objects he shows them that it's possible to spontaneously create a story." Teacher. Nottinghamshire 2012

The main thrust of my work is to 'demystify' the writing process and leave the school with a series of serially-developed writing strategies and repeatable, confidence-building techniques that can be adapted to the schools own policy.

" In a time when children are more likely to say they can't, after seeing Tony they say, "I can!" Head of Year North Yorks 2012

I am often asked to present a 'twilight' CPD session on the day of my visit to give a further insight into the creative and writing processes the teachers have seen me demonstrate during the day.

"Having Tony Wilson at the school was an enriching experience, not only for our students but also for our teachers. On one hand, our boys and girls had a wonderful time learning the importance of values through Tony Wilson’s fully interactive stories, and on the other our teachers were able to experience the potential of storytelling in teaching English language as well. We highly recommend Tony’s storytelling sessions for kids of all ages!" San Ignacio de Recalde School LIMA 2012

As a workshop leader and keynote speaker I have worked for Edexcel, TES and ncma delivering "Stories from nothing and nowhere."

"Your input to the whole school was worth every penny. I could only see a small part of each of the sessions but the staff cannot praise you enough. You have given us a lot of inspiration and ideas to work on. Thanks again." Head Teacher Coventry 2012


KS1 Age 5-7, KS2 Age 7-11, KS3 Age 11-13


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