Sports Motivational

An ideal way to motivate staff and students alike, having a famous sports star come and give their motivational story of overcoming adversity and peak performance is sure to instil a highly desirable work ethic going forwards. Emphasising the importance of working in a team, our range of motivational sporting stars are sure to define exactly what is needed to perform at the highest level. Our selection of sports stars are consummate professionals and can tailor their content to a client’s specific requirements.

‘A big ‘Thank you’ to Matthew Pinsent for yesterday, it was great to meet him. The whole day went well and Matthew’s talk was fantastic! I hope he enjoyed himself too and I hope I have the opportunity to work with you both again soon.’

‘Couldn’t be more pleased with our choice of guest speaker at our annual conference.  He gave an excellent performance in front of over 200, his take on motivation and winning margins was exactly what we were looking for.  He also took the time to chat over lunch and was more than happy to pose for what must have seemed like endless photos’


Getting Best Out of Students

Motivational speakers have a reputation for bringing the best out of their audiences. Audiences go away from their speeches feeling invigorated and full of confidence of challenges that lie ahead. A perfect addition to a presentation or assembly, a motivational speaker will address students and tackle the challenges they face, namely exams, revision and classwork. Thanks to the diversity we can offer in terms of speaker background, you can be sure to find a personality who fits your desired mindset easily.

“The session was what we really needed to refocus and re-energize our team. Pete helped us address some of them issues that have been inhibiting our performance and provided us with strategies to realise our potential and increase our productivity.”

“What a superb keynote speaker! He took a great deal of time prior to the conference undertaking his due diligence as to what we required from him. After exploring one avenue, he did not mind in the slightest taking a full U turn and developing a more appropriate theme for us.”


Motivate Staff/Faculty

Motivated staff and faculty are just as important as motivated students in an academic environment. An enthusiastic teacher or lecturer can equally enthuse the students they teach, leading to better mindset and rapport amongst students, as well as improved exam and academic results. Our motivational speakers come from a range of backgrounds including exploration, sport and business so you can find the ideal personality to get the best from the staff of your school.

“The personal service from him was gratefully received. He was punctual and he stayed at the event for questions and photographs long after the scheduled time allocation as per contract. This too was greatly received.

His highly motivational and informative speech got us all thinking about how we should behave and adapt to the business world. He was the centre piece to our day and he really delivered”


Inspiring entrepreneurial flair into the young minds of students has been known to encourage an enterprising spirit crucial to success in later life. Tied in with developing confidence and self-belief that you can succeed as an individual, an entrepreneurial mindset sparks better career prospects and gets students more interested in life after academia at an earlier point.   We have a vast array of leading business speakers who have proven track records of growing their own businesses into huge successes. Talk to us today about who you could have appear at your school.


Overcoming Adversity

The ability to overcome adversity is a personality trait that is highly desirable for students and staff alike. Instilling motivation amongst students will allow them to tackle work in a more focused manner and give their all when facing examinations and curricular work. With a multitude of explorers who have faced some of the harshest environments in the world, they are perfectly poised to talk to students about the trials and tribulations you must go through in order to realise your potential.

“Bonita’s visit exceeded all of our expectations. She was warm and friendly with an incredible story to tell. The children were hooked from the minute she started speaking (as were all of the adults present). Her amazing photographs added to the story. She talked passionately for an hour – the children did not move. They were truly mesmerised. Overall it was a very special afternoon. Bonita was extremely engaging and her determination to achieve was evident. She was passionate yet realistic. Her motto ‘Aim High’ really resounded with us all. I can honestly say that everyone at our school who was part of this event was touched by Bonita and her incredible journey.”

“I sat through her presentation and thoroughly enjoyed it. I spoke today to so many colleagues who also really loved it. She provided the students with so many stories, humorous anecdotes that I am sure they will always remember and most importantly, with tips for motivation. She truly is an inspiration!”

“I want to say thank you so much to Bonita for the talk that she gave to the 300 young people on Friday evening in Loughborough. Her story and presentation style resonated fantastically well with the themes of the camp and we were able to use excerpts from what she told us about her experiences throughout the weekend. The audience of talented young athletes and coaches were gripped from start to finish and I am certain that they will take away some really significant learning and influence from the session.”



Business leaders have spent their careers managing workforces and ensuring that productivity and morale stays at a high. A perfect way to inspire the next generation to be the leaders of tomorrow, bringing a leadership speaker in to school will give students the onus to go on and succeed in management careers in later life.  Create an innovative and confident new generation by bringing one of our leading business speakers into your institution now.

“You absolutely inspired everone. They came away totally inspired from your key note presentation and the results are speaking for themselves!”

“Craig has huge energy, I would have no hesitation in recommending Craig to any large organisation looking to grow and develop.”

“I'd recommend Craig's services to anyone who wants to improve their effectiveness”

“The positive impact Craig has had on my team by energetically over-delivering on my expectations has helped us produce a record year!”


Sports Stars

Sports stars have known adversity and experienced the knockbacks of the challenging world of professional sport. A sports star is an ideal personality to come into school and talk to the students, providing sound advice about realising their potential whilst motivating them to go on and achieve it. We have a wide range of sports speakers to choose from, including the likes of Matthew Hoggard MBE, Peter Shilton OBE and Gail Emms MBE who are well versed in getting the very best out of students, emphasising desirable character traits like tenacity, determination and success maximisation.

 “Peter was professional, great company, circulated very well with all guests and proved invaluable with the auction. Peter was an absolute pleasure to work with; I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.” - Dawn Kerry, Fern Training and Development Limited

 “I would like to thank both you and Peter. We are already thinking about next year. It was a great honour for me to look after Peter and I am very pleased he enjoyed his stay.”

“As our celebrity guest, Peter Shilton was consummately professional with a brilliant stage presence, just like all those record breaking appearances for England.”

“Peter was brilliant. An excellent speaker with a tremendous personality, who simply went with the flow. Everyone enjoyed his company and he was a delight to work with.”

“His after dinner speech was very entertaining and funny and he was very obliging when it came to signing autographs and having photographs taken. So all in all the perfect gentleman.  Really pleased, he did a terrific job for us.”


Sports Sessions

Learning a new skill can be both hugely rewarding and enjoyable. Bringing a sporting star into your school to teach and coach students will not only bring that something special to physical education classes, but also allow students to bond and work in a team. We have a large range of sports legends from a range of different backgrounds. Matthew Hoggard MBE is highly experienced in coaching at all levels and can bring his expertise in cricket, learnt from victories such as the 2005 legends to inspire students to achieve more both inside and outside the classroom. Alternatively, why not ask George Chuter to come down to your school and set up a master class in rugby. Played at both contact and non-contact levels, George is sure to have students rucking, mauling and scrumming their way to success.



Musical sessions not only teach students a new skill but also provide a platform for interaction through a new medium. Add a little flair to your music lessons by bringing in a star of show business, such as X Factor’s Andy Abraham, or The Osmonds’ Merrill Osmond and let them share their knowledge of the music business with students. In no time at all, your students will be enjoying an interactive music session run by personalities who have performed in front of audiences in the millions.


Cooking Demonstrations

Cooking demonstrations not only educate students about the more practical aspects of life but also give the chance to bond with fellow classmates. Call upon culinary gurus, such as two times Michelin star chef Jean Cristophe Novelli and BBC’s MasterChef presenter Gregg Wallace to appear at your school and enthuse the younger generation about the benefits of eating healthily in a fun and interactive environment.

Supporting causes such as cooking without salt, and using pre-existing ingredients to season the food, Jean Cristophe Novelli can inspire students to approach food in a different manner - encouraging them to live a healthier lifestyle, especially after tasting what this different approach is like.

Gregg was just as you had said: absolutely charming, funny, extremely interesting and thoroughly entertaining. Everybody had a really good day ­ thank you.

Gregg arrived early and was very relaxed with us all. When he was introduced, he just started to chat about a whole range of subjects, which ranged from very amusing to very thought provoking ­ never again will I buy Extra Virgin Oil without thinking – and whilst chatting, he cooked a delicious supper before our very eyes.

The whole audience was quite spellbound by him and I cannot thank you enough for making this possible.

We enormously enjoyed working with Gregg at the event, and before. I was very impressed with his down to earth approach, the way he simply picked up the phone and spoke to me like a ‘normal’ person. He has made himself available prior to the event, helped us with tweets, and tweeted about exhibitors who sent him chocolates.

"At the event itself – he arrived earlier than he thought he’d be able to, which was great. He was lovely to everyone, from the young girls at reception desk to the chocolate makers and the guests.

Personally I really enjoyed meeting him too, and using him has added a great sense of fun but also celeb magic to the event, which was highly appreciated by all"


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