Whether you’re looking for a visit from the world's latest superhero (our very own Bookman), an opportunity to learn more about well-loved characters through drawing and illustration or some magical ways of inspiring pupils to tell their own tales, you’ll find something to suit you here! 

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A Visit from Bookman - Character visit

The world’s newest superhero, Bookman has the extraordinary power of bringing stories to life – and he'll fly into your school all set to help your pupils in doing the same. Armed just with his trusty Book Bag, he'll make an unexpected appearance at an assembly before leading classes through a series of exciting, engaging and enticing drama-based workshops (all differentiated for age). And the outcomes? Connection-making, Freeze-Frames and Talking Tableaux, illustrating key narrative moments from a host of well-loved stories!

Paige Turner's Fiction Mission

If the characters in our favourite stories only come to life when their tales are read, what would become of them if Mr Noah Magination got his way and had all books banned? Paige Turner is on a mission to save the fictional worlds that these characters live in and she’s going to need your pupils’ help. After introducing herself at a whole-school assembly, she’ll work with a number of classes, using age-differentiated drama approaches to bring some of their favourite characters to life, exploring what it is that makes them so wonderful and what we would stand to lose if we never had the chance to meet them in the first place. This is her only hope winning over Mr Magination and guaranteeing the survival of books and stories for future generations- and that hope lies in you!

Scenes from Shakespeare

Shakespeare was a superb storyteller – and his stories still survive unscathed today! These exciting workshops, though, take him back to his roots – by taking a dramatic approach to his work. Working with one of our professional drama specialists, pupils will get an actor’s-eye-view of one of his plays – and have a chance to taste the text too!

All of the workshops can be differentiated for age and require a minimum of 60 minutes (although we prefer longer) – preferably in a large space. You can choose from Macbeth, The Tempest, Romeo and Juliet, or A Midsummer Night’s Dream – and we’ll leave you with a whole host of suggestions for follow-up writing activities!

Author Visit - The Story of a Story - Where can you find a story seed and how do you help it to grow?

Join Sarah KilBride, author of the successful series Princess Evie’s Ponies, and follow the story of a story, from first sketches to publication. Sarah shares her notebooks and drafts, revealing where she finds her ideas and inspiration and introduces you to the team behind her books. Using a variety of drama and writing activities, join in the fun and embark on your very own story journey, creating the beginnings of a brand new adventure.

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What People Say:

“Thank you so much for the brilliant experience given to the children on Monday. Bookman was great with the children: they all thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and the assembly in the morning. Having to be creative and use their imaginations reminded them about the enjoyment of reading.” (Class Teacher, St Peter’s Primary School)


“The workshop was absolutely fantastic! All students were  engaged and entertained and the workshop was suitable for all abilities which was wonderful. Students gained a joyful and interesting introduction to Shakespeare. They also improved confidence as the took part in readings and interactive activities. We will definitely be keeping you in mind for any future projects.” (Class Teacher, Thornleigh Salesian School) 


“A fantastic experience for all the students and the staff – as creatives added both depth and fun to our Reading Week!” (English Teacher, Archbishop Beck High)


“The children greatly enjoyed the Bookman visit and were keen to get involved with the workshops and role play activities. They were very enthusiastic and enjoyed the sessions.  The workshops were really good at encouraging the children to work together and for many pupils it boosted their confidence to role play certain ideas. Lots of them had their imaginations sparked.” (Class Teacher, Kenmore Park Primary)


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