Including larger than life, interactive performances, open-ended workshops and more intimate classroom-based sessions, As Creatives' unique range of Creative History Workshops and Shows for Primary Schools offer pupils privileged perspectives on the lives of people in the past – and ask important questions about ways that the past has affected the present. And there are four exciting options awaiting you: The Brilliant Britons, Time Travel Theatre, Time Travel Tourists and Historical Maths.


The Brilliant Britons

Ten thousand years of British history in just an hour and a half!

Join our quarreling historians, Professor Past and Dr Dunne, as they trace their families’ roots from the dawn of the Stone Age to the end of the Second World War – taking in over ten thousand years of British history in a fast-paced and action-packed hour and a half. This hilarious and highly interactive presentation has the unique feature of covering key features of every age demanded by the National Curriculum, from the birth of civilization to the Roman invasion and from the Viking incursions to the rise of the Saxons – as well as paying brief visits to ancient Greece, the court of Henry VIII, the bakery at the heart of the Great Fire of London, a Victorian music hall, the trenches of World War I and the Home Front in World War II. Not only that, of course, but the experience can be enjoyed by up to 420 pupils in a single day!


Time Travel Theatre

Time Travel Theatre sees your school hall being turned into an historical playground, with up to 180 pupils being treated to an interactive performance. You then have the option of either up to six follow-up drama-based workshops exploring some of the themes in more detail, or hosting two different performances in a single day, exploring two different periods of history!

We’ve got packages exploring all of the areas covered by the National Curriculum – and more! Knowing the Neolithics explores the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages, whilst The Garrulous Greeks, The Rumbustious Romans, The Versatile Vikings, The Amazing Anglo-Saxons, The Tumultuous Tudors and The Vanglorious Victorians all speak for themselves! Living with the War looks at the causes, course and consequences of World War I through the eyes of two families – and Homing in on the Home Front investigates the impacts of World War II on those who remained in the UK.


Historical Maths

These uniquely cross-curricular programmes see children using a range of age-differentiated mathematical skills to solve problems from the past – whilst at the same time learning a wealth of new historical content. Lasting 90 minutes upwards, they can all accommodate up to 30 pupils at a time. You can choose from …

The Viking’s Quest – a mixture of myth and maths from the North!

CSI: Ancient Greece – who lifted Zeus’s Lightning Bolt?

CSI: Saxons – was it really Alfred the Great who burnt the cakes?


What people say about us!

“Ten out of ten! The children were enthusiastic about all the activities - and still keep talking about the day!" (Assistant Headteacher, St Joesph's Primary School)

"I had been to see the poppies at the Tower of London the day before, but this small drama brought tears to my eyes for the small, human story of one village through the war. Thank you.” (Helen Graff, Edith Neville Primary School)

“The children have learnt more from than this than from a thousand worksheets!" (Assistant Headteacher, Holy Family Primary School)

“The interactive performance was brilliant and the children thoroughly enjoyed it. The actors were lovely and worked really hard during the day - Thank you!” (Headteacher, Weston Primary School, Runcorn)

"Ten out of ten! I was taken aback by just how good the Time Travel Theatre actors were – and by the impacts the workshops had on the pupils!” (History Co-ordinator, Christ Church Primary, Leigh)

“The feedback from teachers and pupils has been brilliant!” (Assistant Headteacher, Sudley Junior School, Liverpool)



Early Years Age 3-5, INSET Teacher Training, KS1 Age 5-7, KS2 Age 7-11, KS3 Age 11-13, KS4 Age 14-16, KS5 Age 16-18


Cheshire, Cumbria, Derbyshire, Durham, East Yorkshire, Greater London, Greater Manchester, Isle of Wight, Kent, Lancashire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Merseyside, North Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Shropshire, Somerset, Surrey, Tyne and Wear, West Midlands, West Yorkshire, Conwy, Denbighshire, Isle of Anglesey

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