Fight like a Viking!

Train like an Olympian!

Build the Titanic!

Meet a Pharoah!

All this and more is now possible for your students with a Living History workshop. 

Our workshop's our interactive, engaging, and fun so that the students will have a learning experience they will never forget! The students are engaged in a range of immersive activities; throw a javelin like an Olympian, scare their enemy like a ferocious Viking Warrior, or design traps to protect their Pharoah's Pyramid.

The students will then have the chance to interview our historical characters, discovering who they are, what they did, and the implications that holds on today.

Each workshop has been specifically designed to link in with Key Stage 1 and 2 and our sessions cover a wide range of themes; Vikings, Life aboard the Titanic, Ancient Olympics, Beatrix Potter, Ancient Egypt, Tudors, Victorian England and World War 1.




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