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Jodie Stewart Year 6 Teacher Hunloke Park Primary School The achievement of some children was unexpected and stunning. I truly thought the day was brilliant.

Queen Emma, twice crowned Queen of England, wife of Anglo Saxon King Aethelred the Unready, wife of Viking King Canute and mother to Edward the Confessor. Through preparation work, a performance, hot seating and re-enacting as a whole class King Canute’s Thing in 1018, this day covers a large part of difficult Viking and Anglo Saxon history successfully. As this Year 6 girl from Totley All Saints shows:

I learnt that the Vikings attacked Britain because their homeland Scandanavia didn’t have enough soil, so they couldn’t grow enough crops. In everyday life, Vikings and Anglo Saxons are very similar…

I enjoyed the fact that it was from Queen Emma’s view, and that she displayed emotions helped me understand what she was telling me. It was better than just reading it or being told by a teacher, because it was more fun.

I liked being able to explore opinions from Queen Emma that you may not find on the internet or in books. Also you could ask about things not covered in the talk.

It felt great, being able to imagine you are someone you will never really be. Because it wasn’t a play, but something where only a few words were given to you, you had the ability to imagine what your character might have said, and actually say it.

I learnt how to act, to use body language to change your character, and to change emotion. I also learnt all about history, Queen Emma and the Norse invasion, as well as the family tree.

Hild of Whitby, the Venerable Bede and the story of Early Christianity

This package tackles the difficult subject of early Christianity in Anglo Saxon England through a bespoke radio play. Pupils actively explore character, what is history, Anglo Saxon gods and get to create another scene and listen to the whole play.

Louise Schofield Y5 Teacher Brookfield Primary School

The children were motivated by the variety of activities to learn about early Christianity in Anglo Saxon Britain. There were lots of opportunities for speaking & listening and to develop teamwork skills.

The main impact of the day was the way the information has been delivered hopefully meaning that the children will recall and understand what they wrote today. It was an enjoyable day with an interesting delivery of a difficult concept.



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