Whitworks has developed bespoke scripts to tell the story of these 4 women from history in an exciting way. The scripts have been written by an experienced and published young people’s playwright, Paul Whitfield.

I would only improve the day by having a longer day learning because it was epic. Year 5 Charnock Hall Primary School

Want to use bespoke scripts about remarkable women from history?

The Two Queens

Early Islam through a storytelling play about 2 amazing Queens during the Golden Caliphate. Storytelling drama was chosen as the form because it was these Queens and this period of history that inspired the Arabian Nights. Props are provided to allow them to create a performance.

The historical storytelling was great. They have learned the names and actions of people in history of Golden Caliphate. The creativity and imagination was unusual and new. They had a chance to shine and they all did. They also built confidence. The structure of the day was very effective, kept interest and built to an end goal. Wonderful. Excellent outcomes. Everyone enjoyed. All achieved highly. I loved it too! Very educational. I really thought it was fantastic. Erica Collins Deputy Head Stonelow Junior School

An extract from the first scene:

Nur Khayzuran beats Zubaidah any day.

Laila You’re talking rubbish! Zubaidah was the greatest.

Nur (To audience)We can’t agree which one was best.

Laila So please help us.

Nur We’ll tell you their stories…

Laila And when you’ve listened…

Nur You tell us who you think was the greatest.

Cynisca, the Spartan Princess

Ancient Greek culture, wars and history through an ancient Greek style play about the first female Olympian, Cynisca.

The whole day went well! Working in groups. Overcoming difficulties between strong characters. Children reading texts they would normally find difficult. The children were able to use their prior learning of the Greeks in a completely different context. ALL children were able to show progress in a wide range of skills and knowledge. All Children took part willingly. Juliet Lee Deputy Head St Andrews Primary School

An extract from the chariot horse chorus in the first scene:

If you like horses you want the best.

Look no more, forget the rest.

You’ve found us.

Well done!

We are the greatest.

No four-legged animal even comes close.

You think we boast?

We don’t.

This is the truth.

Look at us!


Hild’s History

Anglo Saxon and Early Christianity through a radio play about Hild of Whitby featuring the Venerable Bede and his scribe, Alfred. The play has been recorded by professional actors so that pupils can hear the whole play. They will work on character, examine what is history, and create their own scene too.

An extract from the first scene:

BEDE                         Come on out, Alfred. I’ve got some nice cheese. Lovely cheese. And a big hunk of fresh bread. Just what a growing boy needs to help him draw.

ALFRED                                To the audience

Like I’m going to fall for that! I’m more likely to get a box on the ear than any cheese, but I do like cheese….

BEDE                         Come on, Alfred. And then, after we’ve eaten, we can carry on writing about Hild. You like the stories about Hild.


KS1 Age 5-7, KS2 Age 7-11


Buckinghamshire, Derbyshire, East Yorkshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Merseyside, Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, West Yorkshire, Worcestershire

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