World War I Workshop for Ks1 & Ks2

Theatre Workshop celebrates 25 years of touring schools in the UK. The Company is committed to delivering high quality performance, combined with an entertaining and informative workshop.

This fully interactive workshop help pupils gain an understanding of living during War Time Britain. The pupils will be encouraged, by one of our experienced facilitators, to participate in acting scenes from history. A range of drama approaches, including role-play and improvisation, will help pupils develop an understanding of some of the challenges faced by people at that time.

During the session:

The pupils will meet Vera, an Edwardian Lady who never imagined life to change so dramatically. 

Follow her story at the beginning of the out break of war, and see how she decided to help.

 Your pupils will be asked to help Vera with her duties as a Nurse, they might be asked to roll bandages or even wash them.

This session is packed with information, covers the reasons for the Outbreak of War &  a reading of a famous War Poem.

It encourages Creative Writing & is supplied with a  Free Teacher's Resource pack.



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