STONE AGE - IRON AGE.  Packed full of fun and facts. Have a visit from our amazing LIVING HISTORY TEAM.  They will bring this subject to life in your school hall. 

The experienced facilitator will arrive at your school and set up a pop-theatre in your hall.

During the workshop the pupils meet a variety of colourful character’s. An archaeologist called Clarence Trimbold and a caveman called uuggh.

During the performance he will ask the pupils to join him in exploring the stone age, by being on an archaeological dig.

Can your pupils help Mr Trimbold unravel the past, by Looking at mammoth drawings, funny shaped objects and communicating with a caveman.

Using drama and role-play the children will be encouraged to interact with the performer, and recreate some of the scenes.

This fully interactive workshop helps pupils to get an understanding of living in the past.

Encourages Creative Writing
Free Teacher's Resource Notes
Duration, a morning or an afternoon
Designed for inspiring a class at a time
The Stone Age
Ancient Egypt
Greek Myths & legends
The Romans
War Time Britain
The Victorians
The Saxons & the Vikings
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INSET Teacher Training, KS1 Age 5-7, KS2 Age 7-11


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