Rocks To Schools offers themed workshops with activities for primary schools children. Topics covered include:

  •     The formation of Rocks and Fossils
  •     Fossil Food Web                   
  •     Dinosaurs
  •     Evolution                      
  •     Volcanoes
  •     Earthquakes

Rocks and Fossils Workshop

With real rocks and fossils to see and handle, Pupils can gain unique experience of a wide variety of different geological textures and materials. They will also home their detective skills by learning how to see the difference between real fossils that are millions of years old and highly convincing Replicas. Whatever their age, your pupils have tremendous fun learning precisely how fossils and rocks were formed over time.

Rocks and Soils
(In line with curriculum guide lines for lower KS2)

Our comprehensive Rocks & Soils - Workshop teaches pupils how to group together different kinds of rocks on the basis of their appearance and simple physical properties. For example, do they have grains or crystals? Are they permeable?

Your pupils will learn what the different types of rocks are best used for, from road building to roofing houses. This workshop also covers fossils and describes in simple terms how they formed and the changes in life over time.

Finally, your pupils will look at soils and learn how they formed from rocks and organic matter. They`ll also be given a unique opportunity to examine and handle rock and fossil specimens, as well as fossil rubbing. Further information can be included such as volcanoes, earthquakes and plate tectonics to cover subjects in geography.


Fossils & Dinosaurs (Evolution)
(In line with curriculum guide lines for upper KS2)

Our Fossils & Dinosaur Workshop teaches pupils all about the fascinating process of fossilization. It shows that fossils provide information about living things that inhabited the Earth millions of years ago and that living things have changed over time by process of evolution.

Your pupils will get to see them close - up and actually handle real fossils - they'll  even get to try their hand at fossil rubbing and hunting for fossils.


KS1 Age 5-7, KS2 Age 7-11


Durham, East Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire

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