Through this high quality, after school six-week programme 'The Art of Abstraction', is intended to make art a fun and safe experience, encouraging, children to explore and express themselves through art.

The programme is designed to help improve a child's confidence and personal skills through a variety of creative processes.

The aim:

  • To create a safe and fun enviroment for children to learn and explore the fundementals of abstract art
  • To inspire children to experiment with differnet art mediums and materials
  • To encourage discussions on abstract artists by looking at their practices and relating these to the children's own work

Each weekly lesson has a theme in wich children create a piece of art. Some themes or pieces may run over 2 or more woeeks in order to spend time and creativity necessary to create something wonderful.



KS1 Age 5-7, KS2 Age 7-11


Greater London, Greater Manchester

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