After teaching English for almost a decade, in both state and independent schools, I visualised the creation of a fun, secure and educational out-of-school environment. I felt that children needed something that would pull them away from electrical items and catapult them back into the fantasy world of stories, words and imagination - that's how KidzInk was born.

Teacher input is imperative for output; we combine acting, role-play, discussion and real life experiences to get to understand a story. We then use learning objectives from the National Curriculum and ISEB to create our own stories or to finish a well known one. Each session will have a structured lesson with a clear and relevant learning objective carefully hidden behind the veil of fun! 

?KidzInk is a club, a lesson and group tuition all in one. It's a place of nurture as well as academia, where learning is woven through fun. It's a space where children are allowed to be exactly who they are, where their innate energy is not only revered, but encouraged. 

?Children learn far more deeply when that little fire behind their eyes causes them to sit up straight, engaged and alive, burning for more. 

?Who says academia can't be fun?"



KS2 Age 7-11


Greater London

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