This inspirational and engaging workshop is designed to get the participants thinking about their future dreams and aspirations in relation to their education and careers.

Let’s suppose that you have a blank canvas – and that canvas is your life…

What would you like to achieve in your life?
What job would you like more than any other?
Where would you like to live?
What would you like to create that doesn’t exist yet?
How would you do it?

This is a fantastic workshop that explores the idea of our dreams and aspirations for 2015 and beyond. Through guidance from the facilitator- the group will explore their own aspirations and dreams in relation to their family, their career, education and relationships. Participants will have the opportunity to share their aspirations with other members of the group and begin to explore how they will their make their dreams become reality.

The session is a blend of group work, creative thinking, presentation skills, sharing advice and experiences. The session also features some excellent short inspirational film clips.

The facilitator will share his/her own aspirations with the group and will explore aspirations that they have already successfully fulfilled in their life. The facilitator will shed light on how they did it and share techniques with the group.

Learning Objectives:
Exploration of participants aspirations in relation to their education and careers.
Developing self confidence in participants- through presentation skills and public speaking skills.
Advice and guidance provided to participants from the facilitator around their future careers.
Developing team working skills
Developing ideas and methods in a group environment for career and educational progression.


KS3 Age 11-13, KS4 Age 14-16, KS5 Age 16-18


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