Welcome to Carnival Workshops for Schools!

We provide exciting, educational and colourful carnival workshops for Primary and Secondary schools that children find simply irresistible.

With over 15 years experience in the delivery and development of collaborative arts projects in the education sector we have tailored our workshops to complement the national curriculum but at the same time deliver highly creative and ambitious arts programmes.

" Wholly participatory, fun and friendly workshops for all ages".

At carnival workshops for schools we offer workshops in music, dance and carnival arts from around the word. Our expert team of  internationally recognised carnival artists have helped to develop and devise workshops and performances that young people find irresistible.

We specialist in carnival arts from form Brazil, Cuba, West Africa, India and the Caribbean drawing upon a bank of specialist artists from throughout the UK.  Drawing upon over 15 years of successful partnership working with the UK’s leading carnivalescos, musicians and choreographers, we have built a network of amazing, inspiring, dedicated and talented professional artists and facilitators who simply love working with young people.

Our artists are dedicated to the development and sharing of knowledge with our youth and community. So much so we have worked together with Global Grooves to create the UK’s only youth carnival arts apprenticeship programme supported by Youth Music and Arts Council England. To read more about this exciting programme of work and how your school may be able to get involved visit www.futureleaders.org.uk

Brazilian Carnival Arts Workshops for Schools

Bring the excitement of Brazilian Carnival to your school!

We offer one day and full week Brazlian Carnival programmes that are exciting, colourful educational and fun. With over 15 years in developing and devising Brazlian Carnival productions both in the UK and in Brazil there are few schools workshop companies that have the necessary skills to bring the heart and soul of Brazilian Carnival to you.

Did you know that there are many different types of Brazilian Carnival? In the UK the media rarely covers any of the Brazilian Carnival outside of Rio de Jeneiro. In fact over the carnival period the whole of Brazil shuts down and celebrates carnival with the longest and most vibrant carnivals celebrated in the Northern states.

At Carnival Workshops for schools we have an expert team of artists who specilise in different areas of Brazilian Carnival styles, From Maracatu from Pernambuco State, the Samba Schools of Rio and Sao Paulo, traditional Amazonian Indian carnival cellabrations or Bloco Afros from the African cities of Salvador.

We are experts in the development of Carnival themes and communicating the essence of Carnival with young people. Whatever idea or message you want to get across we can find the perfect Brazilian carnival tradition for your needs.

We offer creative workshops in Carnival Costume and Headdresses, Carnival Floats and Puppetry, Dance, Drumming and Brazilian Samba Percussion, Capoeira, Theatre, Song, Carnival History and Devising Themes.

Recycled Carnival Arts Workshops for Schools

Junk Jam was an awarding winning carnival programme funded by arts council England and the Big Lottery fund commissioning two large scale ‘recycled’ carnival performances.

During the development of the programme, Carnival Workshops for Schools helped to put together a Junk Jam Carnival project specially for schools and young people.

The offer to schools was such a success that the programme was over subscribed within two weeks of launch. We are happy to announce that Junk Jam is now available throughout the year to schools wishing to develop Carnival arts, music and dance programmes with an environmental theme using almost entirely recycled materials.

Within the school environment you are perfectly placed to collect and store materials that can be up-cycled and recycled to create exciting and spectacular carnival programmes.

We can offer from one day to full year recycled arts programmes to primary and secondary schools including Music Making and Junk Drumming, Dance and theatre with environmental themes and visual arts and costume workshops using recycled materials

African Carnival Workshops for Schools

Africa is at the heart of all major carnival nations. This fact gives our African Carnival Workshops endless possibilities. Due to the migration of African people around the world via the ‘slave trade’ African arts, music, food and culture is now central to modern day society.

Through carnival arts we can demonstrate and celebrate this fact with interesting multicultural, cross-curricula combined arts projects.

Our African Arts workshops can celebrate age old African Carnival traditions, modern day traditional African carnival styles or mark the journey of carnival around the word from North Africa, to East Africa, South to West and even over to the ‘new world’ via the Atlantic slave trade.

We offer workshops and programmes in African Dance, Music, Drumming, Arts, Costume, carnival and culture

Indian Carnival Arts Workshops for Schools

Our lead artists team have studied carnival arts extensively both in the UK and internationally.  Much of this international development has been in India and Pakistan working with various internationally acclaimed artist, musicians, dancers and social projects.

India has one of the biggest carnival and street festival traditions in the world with over 3,500 festivals per year in the state of Gujarat alone.With vibrant costumes, exciting percussive music, amazing food and age old stories the Indian carnival traditions are some of the richest in the word.

We can help your school to develop a real South Asian Style Carnival celebration in a melting pot of music, dance and arts. India really is incredible.

Our Indian carnival programmes include dance, costume, visual arts, music, food and percussion (including Bhangra and Dhol drumming).

Contact us today to find out more about our Indian arts workshops.

Caribbean Carnival Arts Workshops for Schools

The term Caribbean Carnival is used to describe hundreds of events happening throughout the Caribbean during carnival season. Most of these carnival festivities can be traced back to the traditions in Trinidad and Tobago and further back still to their African Carnival Roots. Like in Brazil, Cuba and many of the other major carnival nations carnival has a direct lineage the arts of the African slaves taken to these counties then mixed and fused with European and indigenous arts, dance, music, culture and religious beliefs.

At carnival workshops for schools we have a team of carnival experts that have studied carnival arts and traditions both here in the UK and in Trinidad and Tobago.

Our carnival arts programmes are multicultural, cross-curricula, combined arts celebrations of these traditions.  In the Caribbean tradition we can offer several different elements of Carnival to help build your schools arts programme or arts week celebrations.

These include: Steel Pan Workshops, Mas’ workshops (costume / large scale carnival visual arts workshops), caribbean dance workshops, singing, storytelling and more.  If its Caribbean carnival you want then look no further!

Cuban Carnival Arts Workshops for Schools

The origins of Cuban Carnival started during the early Spanish colonization of Cuba, when cabildos (groups that were organized to maintain their particular cultural heritage) would be allowed to play their music, dance and sing freely, celebrating all their various musical and religious traditions. This festival coincided with the Christian holiday known as the Day Of the Children (Dia de los Niños) which is celebrated January 6th.

Although lesser known in the UK than Brazilian or Caribbean carnival, Cuba hosts one of the biggest and most vibrant carnival in the world. Our artist team at carnival workshops for schools have studied Cuban carnival working on projects both in the UK and in Cuba.

Our most recent large scale collaborative carnival production linked African influenced ‘Orisha’ traditions from Cuba and Brazil presenting them alongside a Brazilian carnival percussion band and traditional African dance.

A Cuban carnival workshop is an excellent way to learn about this Spanish speaking carnival nation and can also be linked directly to Black History Month following the journey of African people to Cuba via the Atlantic Slave trade.

We offer workshops in Cuban Carnival Dance, Arts, Costume, Song, Drumming (conga drumming and Cuban Comparsa) and culture.

Contact us today to find out more about out Cuban carnival workshops for primary and secondary schools.


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