Now running Early Years Programmes, Parent Workshops!

We have developed the Lilly and Larry Interactive Storytelling Adventures to support learning and bridge the attainment gap in a way that is creative, fun and stress free.  Complying with Early Learning Goals and KS1 targets.

We have an extensive selection of story based classes to draw on with our DramEd Lions skills and experience as Performing Arts graduates and professional Early Years actors.

Lilly and Larry Storytelling Adventures are 30 minute sessions. We use drama, puppets, music and movement to bring your stories to life, incorporating the use of sensory objects and Makaton.  As well as one-off or weekly storytelling classes we also offer seasonal classes and themed adventures (e.g Halloween, Diwali, Christmas, Black History, Manners, Road Safety and Dental Hygiene). 


Early Years Age 3-5, KS1 Age 5-7


Greater London

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